I am a folk singer from Stockholm, Sweden who passionately sings and teaches Kulning (herding Calls) and archaic songs from the North… Beautiful, sad and romantic stories with groovy and harsh melodies. Nordic blues in it’s right sense.

Folk songs are so richly ornamented and colourful, they have so many nooks and crannies. Truthes, nonsenses and words of wisdom melt together with melodies that wind through shifting landscapes. It is impossible to guess what lies around the next corner, a dizzying precipice, a tranquil lake or a cobbled street. The songs live their own lives, change form and renew themselves.

Welcome to my world! /Maria Misgeld

Contact: info@misgeldmusic.com

Engaged as teacher by Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sibelius Academy, Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, Academus Ab, RFOD, Södertörns Högskola, Bollnäs folkhögskola, Malungs folkhögskola, Hemse folkhögskola, Linköpings folkhögskola, Åbo universitet, Dalateatern, Teater i Haga.

Performing with kulning and folk singing as a soloist and in different constellations around Sweden on scenes like Berwaldhallen, Dalhalla, Dramaten, Stadshuset, the Royal Palace, Stockholm culture festival, Right Livelihood Award, Eric Ericsson hallen, Stockholm 750 år, Stallet, Nybrokajen 11, Musikaliska, Soliden, Länsmusiken i Stockholm, Scenkonst Sörmland, Musik i Väst, Musik i Syd, Cirkus Cirkör, SVT, SR, TV4 and abroad – Japan, Taiwan, Colombia, Germany, USA, England, Irland, Shetland, Botswana, Island, China, Belgium, Switzerland.



102 sånger för folkmusikkör - Song book MisgeldMusic 2018

Irmelin ”Swedish Folk Songs” MisgeldMusic 2016

Duo Westling & Misgeld ”Thousands Are Sailing” MisgeldMusic 2015

Thousands Are Sailing - The song book – Emigrantvisor.  MisgeldMusic 2015

Irmelin ”North Sea Stories” MisgeldMusic 2013

Konstiga visboken” Stockholm 2013

”Getens horn” Playing whith music 2013

Solo ”Romans i moll” MisgeldMusic 2011

Irmelin ”Gyldene freden” Blue Sparrow Records 2008

Solo ”Margits sånger” Sjelvar records 2007

Irmelin ”Kärligheten” Blue Sparrow Records 2006



Royal College of Music – Stockholm Master studies 2016 – 2018

Royal College of Music – Stockholm  1999 – 2004

University of Dalarna – Falun, Folk music in the Nordic countries 1995-96




Ulf Peder Olrog Stiftelsen


Statens kulturråd


Nordisk Kulturfond