Vocal ensemble

For almost twenty years I am a singer in the vocal group IRMELIN who tour the world around with a unique singing style and polyphonic kulning and Nordic folksongs. IRMELIN members are also experienced teachers and give workshops in folk singing, kulning and diddling/mouth music. www.irmelin.nu

Claim the Space

– Exploring the indoor space as an artistic quality in herding call. This project is based on questions about the significance of the acoustic space for kulning (herding call). 

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kulning soloist

I often performed solo “kulning” – herding calls live in spectacular contexts. My working space range from live TV shows to corporate and cultural events, anniversaries, dance, circus and theater performances in concert halls around the world. 

Together with my colleagues, I'm also pleased to offer polyphonic kulning for two to four voices.

For questions about kulnings performance and booking: info@misgeldmusic.com